What makes tea bitter?

why is tea bitter?

At Keia Tea , your Swiss tea shop specializing in organic ingredients, we love chatting over a good cup of tea. But if you sometimes wonder, “Why does my tea taste so bitter?” , you are in the right place to unravel this mystery. Before we dive into our tips for the perfect cup, let's talk a little about what makes tea bitter.

At the root of the bitterness: the culprits

The main substance responsible for bitterness in your tea is tannins. These natural compounds, found in many plants, including tea leaves, can make your tea a little too strong if left to steep for too long. Green tea and black tea contain different levels of these substances, which influences the ideal brewing manner and time to avoid bitterness.

Water temperature: not too hot!

Boiling water is a friend for black tea , but not for green tea. For the latter, water between 70°C and 80°C is perfect. If the water is too hot, it burns the delicate leaves of green tea and it becomes bitter. For black tea, aim for between 90°C and 100°C, but be careful with the timing!

Chrono in hand: infusion time counts

Good timing can make all the difference. Three minutes max for green tea is perfect. Black tea can wait between 3 and 5 minutes. If you leave the leaves in water too long, you will release an army of tannins, and you know what that means: goodbye sweetness, hello bitterness.

Quality and freshness: the winning duo

At Keia Tea, we carefully choose our teas with organic ingredients so that you can savor every sip. Poor quality tea or one that has become damp? Guaranteed risk of bitterness. Keep your tea in a cool, dry place to keep it fresh and aromatic.

The right measure: it’s an art

Balance is the key. Uses approximately 2 grams of tea per 200 ml of water. Too much tea for not enough water, and it opens the door to bitterness. Don't hesitate to adjust according to your tastes.

To conclude

In summary, the bitterness in your tea can be managed! With an eye on the temperature, precise timing, and a wise choice of quality organic tea, you're sure to brew a cup that makes you smile. At Keia Tea, we are here to support you in this quest for the perfect tea. Take a look at our online store , and let yourself be tempted by our selection of green teas, black teas, and more, all chosen for their impeccable quality and their respect for the environment. Your next cup of tea without bitterness awaits you!