Who are we ?

The beginnings

Welcome to Keia Tea , online store of ephemeral teas !


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Love and passion are two engines that often drive us to create wonderful things. That's how we, Axelle and Sebastian, embarked on this great adventure. As a couple, we launched a crazy challenge in 2020 in Morges, Switzerland: Keia Tea , a project born from our common passion for tea. Of course, like many people, we like to travel, taste different dishes, taste pastries… But above all, we like to enjoy good tea together.

Driven by this craze for this drink, we gathered all our savings to launch our project. We wanted to make it happen no matter what, and in the end, the experience was truly rewarding. There were many obstacles in our path, but that did not stop us from moving forward.

Having faith in your ideas gives the strength and courage to implement them. So, if you too have a dream, try to make it come true even if you don't have all the cards in hand yet!

The concept


Our mission is to make you discover and love tea, in the same way that we love it! We would like to share with you our delicious quality beverages, natural and made with organic ingredients. We offer various blends: infusions, green teas, black teas and fresh and tasty rooibos. Keia Tea is the ideal place to learn about tea in an original and unusual way!

To do this, every month we concoct an ephemeral collection of new tastes, in order to pleasantly surprise you. With each new collection, you will find 3 blends of ephemeral teas and infusions with bewitching scents. No room for boredom, we promise!

Our engagements

Use certified organic ingredients

If we have favored organic, it is above all because it makes the taste of the tea finer and therefore more exquisite. The mixture of coarsely crumbled leaves, dried whole fruits, flowers and spices imparts a savory and authentic taste. To achieve this result, we attach great importance to the quality of our products. Thus, our loose teas and herbal teas are made from certified organic and fair trade ingredients.


To preserve the environment

In addition to the choice of ingredients from organic farming, we have opted for a bulk format. For what ? Because we want to protect our dear planet. Respect for the environment is very important to us.


The Keia Tea community

If Keia Tea exists today, it is largely thanks to YOU, our dear community. You believed in us and in our ideas, you encouraged and supported us with your positive opinions from the start. We will never be able to thank enough all those who have decided to help us, whether by buying our teas or by talking about us on social networks as well as to those around them. Your support gives us the strength to continue and constantly improve our concept to delight you even more!

If you also want to be part of this community, we welcome you with joy. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to keep you informed of the latest collections, promotions, tips and recipes.

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