Why drink organic tea?

Organic tea vs regular tea: choose the right one!


There is a very big difference between organic and conventional product. When it comes to organic teas , this means that a chemical-free process has been put in place, from cultivation to the finished product. This process is not followed for the production of ordinary teas. But what is the real point of drinking organic tea instead of regular tea?

No chemicals

Nobody wants to drink a drink with toxic substances. It's time to really care about what's in our tea bags. Unlike organic tea, conventional tea contains pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Consuming organic is quite simply having the assurance and serenity of ingesting without chemical substances. Be sure to only buy tea made from certified organic tea leaves.

Natural is better!

That's enough ! Consumers have swallowed enough additives and flavor enhancers. These synthetic products deprive you of tasting a more natural beverage. Thanks to organic tea, you can savor every sip, and it feels good!

    A tastier taste

    Organic tea offers a fresher, purer and more authentic taste . The flavors are more intense , leaving a very pleasant sensation on the tongue. Whether it's green tea, black tea or another variety of tea, the natural brings a real plus to the taste of your drink compared to an ordinary tea.

    The respect of environment

    Besides being healthy and better tasting, organic tea provides a huge benefit to our environment.

    Ordinary tea plantations involve intensive agriculture that seriously harms biodiversity. Chemical fertilizers and herbicides impoverish the soil.

    The cultivation of organic teas contributes to the preservation of our planet, because it does not use pesticides or other pollutants. The pollination process of bees will not be hindered. Organic farming is also a means of protecting farmers.

    By choosing organic, you participate in reducing the environmental impact. If you want to go even further in your commitment to ecology, consider buying loose tea. Tea bags contain plastic, and plastic means pollution.

    Worried about what's in your cup? Keia Tea offers you natural ephemeral teas , in bulk and made with certified organic ingredients. Our Swiss brand offers you mixes with delicious and gourmet tastes. All you have to do is choose the tea that speaks to you the most or take them all to vary the pleasures!