Tea themed books

pra keia tea novels

Hi tea enthusiast! If tea is not just a drink for you, but a way of life, then you'll love this selection of exciting books that make tea their protagonist. Whether you prefer a full-bodied black tea or a light brew , there's a book for every taste. So pour yourself a nice cup of your favorite organic tea and get ready for a rewarding literary adventure!

  1. "The Insubordinate" by Jennifer Donnelly In the heart of Victorian England, we follow Fiona Finnegan, who works hard in a tea factory. A tale of love, betrayal and perseverance awaits you in these pages.
  2. "The Book of Tea" by Kakuzō Okakura A classic of Japanese literature that tells the story of tea and its importance in Japanese culture and philosophy.
  3. "The Bride of Ceylon" by Dinah Jefferies Here, tea transports us to 1920s Sri Lanka. not indifferent.
  4. "Tea Poems" by Sen no Rikyu For a more poetic reading, this collection of poems by Japanese tea master Sen no Rikyu offers a deep and meditative exploration of the art of tea. It's a dive into the philosophy of tea and a zen break in your daily life.
  5. "The Tea Master" by Yasushi Inoué Another gem of Japanese literature, this novel transports you to feudal Japan through the story of a tea master, his dedication and his philosophy.
  6. "Thé Vert et Arsenic" by Frédéric Lenormand For lovers of mystery and intrigue, this thriller brilliantly combines the art of tea and the world of crime. A delightful story that will keep you hooked until the last page.
  7. "The Lights of Assam" by Janet MacLeod Trotter A journey through colonial India and the world of tea plantations. A story of love, loss and redemption awaits you in this captivating novel.

Whether this is your first trip into the world of tea or you're a seasoned tea expert, these books will spark your imagination and deepen your passion for this complex and delicious drink.

So get your bookmark ready, pour yourself a cup of your favorite blend, and dive into one of these captivating tales. Who knows ? You might even find a new variety of tea to try, or a new place to visit. Happy reading, friend of teas!

Don't hesitate to tell us in the comments which book you chose and what you thought of it. We can't wait to know which tea you chose to accompany your reading.