The essential accessories to prepare your tea

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Welcome to lovers of tea and organic infusions in Switzerland! Today, we are going to talk about the essential accessories to prepare and enjoy your tea. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned connoisseur, it's important to have the right tools to fully enjoy your favorite teas . In this article, we introduce you to the accessories for preparing and tasting tea and explain how to use them to obtain the best possible result. Here we go !

1. The teapot: the ally of the perfect infusion

The teapot is a must for preparing your tea. It allows a homogeneous infusion and an optimal distribution of aromas. There are several types of teapots, such as cast iron, ceramic, glass or porcelain teapots. Each has its specificities and advantages. For example, cast iron teapots retain heat well, while glass teapots allow you to admire the color of the tea as it steeps.

2. Tea cups: to enjoy in style

Tea cups play an important role in tea tasting. They influence the perception of aromas and the temperature of the tea. Porcelain or ceramic mugs are particularly popular for their ability to retain heat and preserve aromas. For a touch of originality, do not hesitate to choose cups with various shapes and patterns.

3. Infusers: for convenient, mess-free brewing

If you prefer loose leaf teas and infusions, infusers are your best friends. They allow the leaves to be infused without them dispersing in the water. There are many models, such as tea infusers, tongs or reusable bags. Choose an infuser that matches the size of your tea leaves for optimal infusion.

4. Kettles: for water at the ideal temperature

The water temperature is essential to obtain a perfect infusion. Electric kettles with temperature control are particularly practical for preparing water at the ideal temperature for each type of tea. Otherwise, you can use a regular kettle and a thermometer to check the water temperature.

5. The teaspoon: to dose with precision

The teaspoon is an essential accessory for measuring the amount of tea to use during preparation. A good dose of tea guarantees a balanced and tasty infusion. There are spoons specially designed for tea, with indications for the different types of tea (black, green, white tea, etc.). Use a teaspoon to make sure you stick to the recommended amounts and get the perfect tasting every time.

6. The thermos with infuser: to enjoy your tea wherever you are

A thermos with built-in infuser is the perfect accessory for tea lovers on the go. It allows you to prepare and take your tea or your organic infusion everywhere with you, while maintaining the temperature and flavors. Thanks to its integrated infuser, you can infuse your tea leaves directly in the thermos and enjoy a hot or cold and fragrant drink at any time of the day. It's a great solution for enjoying your favorite teas at work, while traveling or on an outdoor stroll.

7. Tasting accessories: to develop your palate

To refine your senses and fully appreciate the aromas and flavors of tea, consider equipping yourself with tasting accessories such as tasting spoons, tumblers or tasting trays. These accessories will help you compare teas, detect nuances and develop your palate.

So, with these essential accessories at your fingertips, you can prepare and enjoy your tea like a pro, whether at home or on the go. Do not hesitate to invest in these accessories to improve your tea routine and share unforgettable tasting moments with your loved ones.

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Good tasting and see you soon for new tea adventures!