The Keia Tea journey: from Morges to Lausanne and beyond

Since the creation of Keia Tea in 2020, our passion for tea has forged a unique and exciting path, from Morges to Lausanne and beyond. Today, we invite you to discover our journey, the richness of our online experience, and how we managed to reach tea lovers all over Switzerland!

A tea that smells good Morges

This is where it all started, in Morges. This is where Axelle, co-founder of Keia Tea, grew up. Morges is our cradle, our starting point. The first ideas took shape, the first blends were created, and a shared dream became reality: to offer quality, natural and organic loose leaf tea throughout Switzerland.

Lausanne - A personal connection

We continue our story in Lausanne, where Sebastian, co-founder of Keia Tea, lived for more than ten years. With its dynamism and international atmosphere, Lausanne has always inspired us. Our link with Lausanne was naturally consolidated through personal experiences and our regular presence on the Lausanne markets. These moments in the field have enriched our understanding of our customers' tastes and preferences, strengthening our relationship with the tea-loving community.

Expand to Switzerland and beyond

Thanks to our online store , our love of tea has gone beyond the borders of Morges and Lausanne to reach tea lovers all over Switzerland. From Geneva to Zurich to Lugano, we've had the privilege of serving customers across the country, bringing the taste of Keia Tea to homes across Switzerland!

And you ?

We are curious. And you, how did you discover Keia Tea? What was your first tea with us? Don't hesitate to tell us your story with Keia Tea in the comments or on our social networks . Together, we will continue to write this beautiful story of tea.

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