The Keia Tea Tea Box: The original gift made in Switzerland

Swiss tea box, the perfect gift

Every month there is a special occasion, a birthday or a desire to spoil a loved one. And often, the challenge is finding that unique gift that will stand out. Look no further, the solution is there: the tea box from Keia Tea , a small local business based in Morges, near Lausanne in Switzerland.

The authenticity of a Swiss box

Forget impersonal and predictable gifts. This Swiss box is an invitation to a taste escapade carefully created with us. Each time you open it, a new sensory adventure awaits you.

What is really in this box?

  1. Discovery : Three carefully crafted teas and infusions are offered to you each month. From the refreshing peach iced black tea to the gourmet “Chai Latte” , each sip is a promise of a taste journey.

  2. Simplicity : The quest for the perfect gift is finally over. With this box, everything is thought of for you. Monthly or bimonthly subscription, flexibility is guaranteed.

  3. Commitment : Keia Tea is not just a brand. It is above all a passion for tea, made with love and care in Switzerland. We favor loose teas, with organic and ethically produced ingredients.

A gift box, multiple in sensations

Birthdays, thanks or little touches, this gift box adapts to all moments. And the icing on the cake? Shipping costs are free!

In conclusion

If you are looking for the ideal gift box , which combines originality, indulgence and a passion for tea , look no further. The Keia Tea Tea Box is here for you. An experience rich in flavors, straight to your mailbox. So, tempted ?