What are the differences between Matcha and Green Tea?

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Hi to you ! Have you ever wondered how matcha really differs from classic green tea? At Keia Tea , we love diving into the details that make each tea unique. Matcha is our passion, and we're here to guide you through the nuances that separate these two wonderful greens. Let's go!

Production: It’s all in the Detail

For matcha : Imagine green tea leaves, but not just any green tea leaves. Three weeks before harvest, these leaves are shaded to slow their growth. This increases their chlorophyll content, giving them that vibrant green color and enriching their flavor profile. After harvesting, a crucial step occurs: denervation. The veins and stems are carefully removed, leaving only the best of the leaf to be dried and finally ground into this precious green powder. It is this powder that we call matcha, a concentrate of taste and tradition.

For green tea: Green tea leaves take full advantage of the sun until they are harvested. After picking, they are quickly heated by steam or roasted to preserve their color and stop oxidation. Then, they are rolled and dried. This process produces a tea that is brewed traditionally, letting whole or broken leaves express their flavor in hot water.

Taste: Distinct Palettes

Matcha: Shade cultivation and prior denervation give matcha an intensity and natural sweetness, marked by a pronounced umami profile. Its flavor is direct, enveloping, and slightly sweet, contrasting with the astringency of traditional green tea.

Green Tea : Green tea offers a lighter and more variable taste experience, with notes that can range from herbal sweetness to a fine astringency, reflecting the diversity of its preparation methods and origins.

How to enjoy them?

Matcha: Matcha is traditionally enjoyed in the form of tea, whisked with water until light foam, for a drink rich in flavor. Its powder form offers incredible versatility for experimenting beyond the cup, whether in lattes, smoothies, baked goods or even cocktails.

Green Tea: Simplicity at its best. Infused in hot water, it allows you to appreciate the subtlety of its aromas, offering you a palette of flavors that directly reflects its origin and preparation. It's the epitome of a tea break, a time for you to reconnect and savor the tranquility.

In conclusion

Whether you are captivated by the depth and intensity of matcha or love the lightness and variety of green tea, each cup is an invitation to explore the richness of the tea world. At Keia Tea , we are delighted to offer you premium teas to accompany your own culinary adventures and tasting moments.

Don't forget, for an immersion in the world of quality matcha and green tea in Switzerland, Keia Tea is your destination . Come explore with us and find your perfect match!