How to decaffeinate your tea?


Tea is your favorite drink, but for various reasons you want to reduce its caffeine content? So read this article to find out how to easily decaffeinate your tea without changing its flavor.

The best way to decaffeinate your tea

There is only one way to eliminate caffeine and it is very simple. Moreover, this method does not alter the taste of the tea at all. Do you already have an idea of ​​how to make it?

Here's a little hint: when you infuse your tea, the caffeine contained in the leaves is released into the water within seconds.

So, have you found the solution? We bet so, but if you're not sure, keep reading.

To decaffeinate your tea, just follow these few steps :

  1. Make an infusion of about 20 seconds in simmering water to rinse the leaves.
  2. Then, discard this first water which contains between 50 and 80% caffeine.
  3. Make a second infusion as you normally do. And There you go ! Your tea is decaffeinated, all you have to do is savor it.

Other alternatives to avoid theine

If you are too lazy to prepare the same infusion twice, you can simply select teas that do not contain a lot of theine such as oolong or pu-erh. There are also herbal teas that are free of caffeine, such as rooibos .

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