How to Choose the Perfect Tea: Beginner's Guide

Hello all tea lovers! Welcome to the Keia Tea Suisse blog, your online tea store where we offer you the best teas, infusions and matcha in Switzerland. Choosing the perfect tea can seem complex, but don't worry, we're here to help. Follow us to find out how to choose the ideal loose leaf tea with organic ingredients.

1. Discover Your Preferences

Start by identifying what you like. Do you prefer sweet, floral flavors or rather more robust and spicy tastes?

Types of Tea and their Flavors

  • Green Tea : Light and refreshing, with herbaceous and vegetal notes. Ideal for moments of relaxation. For example, Sencha offers a mild, slightly sweet flavor, while Gyokuro is more umami with marine notes.
  • Matcha : Unlike other green teas, matcha is intense and creamy, with an umami richness and nutty notes. Our matcha is perfect for lovers of deep, complex flavors.
  • Black Tea : Full-bodied and robust, with malty, sometimes chocolatey or spicy flavors. Perfect for when you wake up in the morning or to accompany a dessert. Darjeeling is floral and light, while Assam is rich and malty.
  • White Tea : Delicate and slightly sweet, with floral and fruity notes. It is perfect for those who like subtle and refined flavors. P ai Mu Tan has a natural sweetness with notes of melon and honey.
  • Oolong Tea : Between green tea and black tea, with a unique complexity of flavors, ranging from floral notes to toasted and fruity nuances. Ideal for those who like to explore varied tastes. Tie Guan Yin is floral and creamy, while Da Hong Pao is smokier and robust.
  • Infusions : Without caffeine, they can be fruity, floral or spicy. Our bulk infusions are concocted with organic ingredients for an authentic and natural taste. They are perfect for a relaxing break without caffeine. For example, our chamomile -based “Lullaby” infusion offers floral sweetness, while our “Cranberry Boost” cranberry-hibiscus infusion is tangy and refreshing.

2. Explore the Origins of Tea

Teas from different regions have distinct flavor profiles. Japanese teas, like our Keia Tea Suisse matcha, often have herbaceous and marine notes, while Indian teas can be more robust and spicy. Chinese teas vary greatly, from delicate green teas to smoky black teas. Discovering these origins can help you narrow down your preferences.

3. Loose Tea vs. Tea Bag

Loose leaf tea is often of higher quality than bagged tea because it uses whole leaves rather than fragments. In addition, it is more environmentally friendly. At Keia Tea Suisse, we offer a variety of loose leaf teas for the optimal experience. Loose tea also allows for better infusion, releasing all the subtleties of the aromas.

4. Choose Organic Ingredients

Favoring teas and infusions with organic ingredients guarantees better taste quality and respect for the environment. All of our teas at Keia Tea are made with organic ingredients, so you can enjoy each cup with complete peace of mind. Organic ingredients offer purer, more authentic flavors without the interference of pesticides or other chemicals.

5. Try Different Brewing Methods

The brewing method can really change the taste of your tea. Experiment with brew time and water temperature to find what you like best. For example :

  • Green Tea : Infusion at 70-80°C for 2-3 minutes. For matcha, whisk the powder in hot water to create a foamy, rich texture.
  • Black Tea : Infusion at 90-100°C for 3-5 minutes. Adjust to desired strength.
  • White Tea : Infusion at 75-80°C for 4-5 minutes. For a delicate and sweet flavor.
  • Oolong : Infusion at 85-90°C for 2-3 minutes. Reinfuse several times to discover the different nuances.
  • Infusions : Infusion at 100°C for 5-7 minutes. Enjoy the intense and varied flavors of plants.

6. Explore and Experiment

Don't limit yourself to just one type of tea. Vary the pleasures and discover new flavors. Sometimes the most unexpected combinations can become your favorites. Don't hesitate to mix different teas and infusions to create unique combinations.


Choosing the perfect tea is a personal and exciting adventure. Take the time to explore the different options available and find what really appeals to you. We are here to support you in this discovery with our selection of quality teas, infusions and matcha available throughout Switzerland. Don't forget to visit our online tea store to discover our full range of loose leaf teas and organic ingredients . Good tasting !