How to properly store your tea?

cup filled with organic loose leaf tea

Welcome to you, lover of tea and infusion with organic ingredients in Switzerland ! We know how much you love to savor a cup of tea or infusion with delicate and fragrant flavors. But did you know that the way you store your loose leaf teas and infusions can influence their taste and quality ?

In this article, we give you our practical advice to store your tea and infusions in an optimal way and guarantee an unforgettable taste experience. So, ready to become a tea storage pro?

1. Choose the right container

To store your loose leaf tea and infusions, it's important to choose an airtight container that protects the leaves from air, moisture, and light. Metal or opaque glass boxes with an airtight lid are ideal for this. Avoid plastic containers, which can alter the taste of your teas and infusions.

2. Keep your teas and infusions dry

Humidity is the number one enemy of loose leaf teas and infusions ! To preserve their flavors, be sure to store them in a dry place, away from humidity. Avoid storing your containers near sources of moisture, such as the dishwasher, kettle or window.

3. Protect your teas and infusions from light

Light, especially direct sunlight, can degrade the flavors of your loose leaf teas and infusions. To avoid this, choose an opaque container or place your tea canisters in a cupboard or drawer away from light.

4. Store at room temperature

The ideal temperature for storing loose teas and infusions is around 20°C. Avoid storing them near heat sources , such as the radiator, the oven or the kettle, which could accelerate the degradation of flavors.

5. Store different types of teas and infusions separately

Loose teas and infusions tend to absorb surrounding odors. It is therefore important to store them separately, in airtight containers, to prevent them from taking on the taste of other teas and infusions.

If possible, also keep flavored teas (like fruit or spice teas) away from unscented teas, to avoid unwanted flavor blends.

6. Do not store too long

Even if you follow all of this advice, be aware that loose leaf teas and infusions have a limited shelf life. In general, a green or white tea will keep for 1 to 2 years, while a black or oolong tea can keep for up to 3 years. Infusions made from plants, flowers or fruits generally have a shelf life of about 2 years.

Of course, these times are approximate and may vary depending on the quality of the tea and the storage conditions. To make the most of the flavors of your teas and infusions, try to consume them within the recommended timeframes and do not hesitate to check the expiry dates indicated on the packaging.

7. Use clean spoons

When scooping loose leaf tea or infusion, be sure to use a clean, dry spoon to avoid contaminating the rest of your container with odors or moisture. If you use an infuser or a teapot, clean them well between each use to avoid mixing unwanted flavors.

To finish

So, now you know how to store your teas and infusions in bulk to preserve their flavors and guarantee an optimal taste experience.

By following these tips, you will be able to take full advantage of the quality and freshness of our teas and infusions made with organic ingredients, available on our Swiss online store . So don't wait any longer, stock up on your favorite teas and infusions and enjoy them in the best conditions!