5 Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Matcha

swiss matcha japanese ceremony

Matcha , this beautiful green powder, has become the star of our cups! Around this green tea are hidden myths, stories, and uses that you didn't even imagine. Discover 5 things that make matcha so unique, and why it continues to appeal to tea lovers and curious people in Switzerland and around the world.

1. Bitterness? A myth to dispel!

Quality matcha should never be bitter. This misconception is often the result of inadequate preparation or lower quality. For perfect matcha, the water used must be very hot, but not boiling, ideally between 70 and 80°C. Well prepared, matcha is distinguished by its natural sweetness and a slight sweet note, delicately enveloping.

2. A millennial heritage, well before the Swiss trend

Matcha is a recent phenomenon in Switzerland, but its history goes back centuries in Japan, where it has been at the heart of the tea ceremony, or "Chanoyu", since the 12th century. This elaborate tradition is an art in itself, highlighting respect, purity, and harmony. The matcha we enjoy today connects us to this long cultural history, inviting us to take a moment to appreciate beauty and tranquility.

3. Not just green tea!

Contrary to popular belief, matcha is not simply crushed green tea. Its preparation begins with tencha, green tea leaves that are grown in the shade to intensify their color and flavor, then dried and finally ground into a fine powder without stems or veins. This production method maintains the integrity and potency of the tea's nutrients, providing an incomparable taste experience.

4. Paint with Matcha

Yes, you read that right! Matcha can also be used as a pigment for painting. Its vibrant green color is not only delicious in the mouth, but also a feast for the eyes. Experimental artists use it to create unique works of art, from watercolors to textile dyes, proving that matcha is as versatile on canvas as it is in a cup.

5. Cosmetic ingredient of choice

In the world of beauty and cosmetics, matcha works wonders. Integrated into shampoos, lip balms, and facial masks, it is sought after for its originality and its connection with nature. These cosmetic products illustrate another facet of the appeal of matcha, highlighting its growing role in our daily lives, beyond the kitchen.

Matcha is an invitation to discovery, a bridge between tradition and modernity, nature and culture. To explore all the richness of this exceptional tea, we invite you to visit our Keia Tea store. With us, you will find high quality Japanese matcha , carefully selected to offer you an authentic experience rich in flavors. Immerse yourself in the world of matcha and let yourself be seduced by its green magic!