Prepare Matcha Tea without Whisk - Tips and Techniques


You love matcha , this green tea powder that's all the rage, but don't have a bamboo whisk ? Do not panic ! We'll show you how to make perfect matcha with items you probably have on hand.

Alternative Tools

1. Spoon: A simple spoon can be effective for mixing matcha. Make sure to crush any lumps and mix vigorously.

2. Small Electric Whisk/Milk Frother: These are great for creating perfect foam and removing lumps.

3. Shaker or bottle: Put your matcha and hot water in a shaker or closed bottle and shake vigorously.

4. Blender: A small blender can also do the trick. It mixes the matcha well and gives a pleasant foam.


1. Measure the matcha: Put 1 to 2 teaspoons of organic matcha in a bowl.

2. Add the water: Pour a little hot water (not boiling) over the matcha. Ideally, the water should be around 80°C.

3. Mix: Use your favorite tool to mix the matcha with the water. With a spoon, crush the lumps well and mix quickly using “M” or “W” movements. With a blender, mix for a few seconds to obtain a uniform consistency.

4. Add more water: Once the matcha is smooth, add the rest of the water and continue mixing.

Tips for Perfect Matcha

- Sift your matcha: To avoid lumps, sift your matcha before adding it to the water.

- Pay attention to the temperature: The water must not be boiling so as not to make the matcha bitter.

- Choose a good matcha: A quality organic matcha will give a better taste and better texture.


Whether you're a fan of traditional matcha or prefer a modern matcha latte, these no-whisk techniques are super simple and effective. And don't forget, for the best organic matchas in Switzerland , it's at Keia Tea ! Come discover our selection and let yourself be seduced by the quality and flavor of our teas.