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Keia Tea c'est une petite boutique en ligne suisse ! Thé bio suisse. Basée dans le canton de Vaud.
Tout nos thés et tisanes sont 100% naturels et bios. Keia Tea est une boutique Suisse the thés, infusions, rooibos et tisanes naturelles en vrac!
Chez Keia Tea on se renouvelle tout les mois avec nos collections éphémères de thés et tisanes ! Chaque mois c'est une nouvelle infusion bio, un nouveau thé vert bio ou un thé noir ! Toujours en vrac, naturel et bio !
Tout nos fournisseurs sont certifiés bio. 100% de nos tisanes, infusion et thés sont bio !

... and globally recognized suppliers

(Certificates from our suppliers)

All of the teas and herbal teas we offer come exclusively from certified organic suppliers.
Our Sencha green teas come from China, from Zhejiang province. Our Assam black teas come from northeast India , and our rooibos comes from South Africa .

Why serve quality tea in your business?

Stimulates body & mind

Like coffee, tea contains caffeine. But in tea, caffeine binds to polyphenols, which slows its absorption. Thus, the tea acts gradually, softer and longer.

Reduces stress

Rich in antioxidants, tea helps reduce stress and cope with the pressures and challenges of everyday life. Each cup invites you to a little moment of relaxation and sharing which contributes to the serenity of the company.

A generous welcome

Make a difference by offering quality tea to your customers and partners. A good tea will delight them and embellish your relationships.


Tea is also rich in anti-inflammatories, and the L-theanine it contains supports many cognitive functions of the brain like attention and memory!

Creativity & productivity

A serene setting, moments of break and relaxation are essential to regain creativity and productivity.

Promotes communication

A break over a drink has always been a great time to bond, discuss ideas and plans or just get to know each other!

Everyone has their own formula!

Single purchase

A discovery pack containing 3 sachets of 50g or 100g from the current collection.

Ideal for testing and discovering the quality of our products before launching!

from CHF 34.85

Monthly subscription

Receive regularly the new (teas) of the collection of the month.

A flexible subscription whose quantity adapts to the size of your team!

Easily paused or modified, it is convenient and advantageous compared to one-time purchase.

From CHF 31.45 per month

Annual subscription

Pay annually for better rates and fewer bills.

Like the monthly subscription, regularly receive the teas and herbal teas of the moment directly at your workplace!

from CHF 356.45 per year
Teas and herbal teas that change every month!

Thanks to Keia Tea, you can discover new teas every month, adapted to the season and carefully selected by us.

Ideal for discovering new tastes and flavors throughout the year, without falling into the monotony of other tea brands.

Right now, for example, discover Bohemian Raspberry the iced raspberry infusion!

Thé Noir au Jasmin en Vrac et Bio de Keia Tea Suisse


For any single purchase you can use a credit card or TWINT. For subscriptions, only the credit card works.
If you wish to pay by invoice you can write us a message at

It is recommended to use 2 grams per cup of tea (= approx. 1 teaspoon). For 2 cups of tea per day, this equates to approximately 90 grams of tea per person per month.

On monthly and annual subscriptions, you can select the drop-down menu to choose the ideal quantity depending on the number of collaborators.

Don't worry, you can modify your monthly subscription for the following month and your annual subscription for the following year at any time.

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